Zelda Twilight Princess Fan Project

Hey everyone! Been very quiet about this project, but here it is for all to see! I have recreated Wolf Link in, with a good amount of the game mechanics as well!

On top of this, I created a unique modular level to flex my level art and design skills.

All in all, this took just under a month to create by myself. The only assets that I did not create was the base Wolf Link model (which I uprezzed like crazy, of course), the grass, which is from the Kite demo, and the castle. I also used the NeoFur plugin, thanks guys!!


Here’s some screenshots for your viewing pleasure!





I like how the wolf moves :slight_smile:

Looks way too awesome :slight_smile: I love every single inch of zelda-stuff to be honest, but this belongs to the top ones i’ve seen! The Lighting just feels right for the mood in this scene with the blueish lights etc. :stuck_out_tongue:
Wanna see more :wink:
(If finally it would be “okay” to remake Games including gameplay and all… after several years.)
greetz Lion

Wow thanks for the comments, guys!

Very cool!

Glad you like it. And also thank you guys so much for the NeoFur plugin!

at 0.17 seconds the wolf is still lit up in that dark passage, i wonder why? the other lights seem to affect him correctly.

That would be the NeoFur shader. I’ve spent a very long time trying by best to fix it but to no avail. Their next release seems to be on track to fixing this, however :slight_smile: