Zelda Style Heart Health Bar

Hey Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone would find a Zelda style health bar useful on the marketplace? How much do you think it’s value would be if you bought it from the marketplace?

I have developed one and it is very robust and works exactly as expected.

You can collect heart pieces to add a new heart container, heart containers are split into 4 health segments. You can heal and take damage, etc.

Heart rows can also be added to new rows automatically. For example, you have 10 hearts per row and you get an 11th, then it starts a second row automatically.

It doesn’t have to be hearts either, it could be crystals, or food pieces, etc.

The marketplace project would include heart pieces and health re-gen items you can place in the world.


I’ve had quite a number of views but no replies. I thought this would be quite popular. I feel maybe I was mistaken? If it is not an in demand feature I will not release it. If it will help some people I can submit it.

If you are reading this then I invite you to give feedback. Both if you think it is useful, and also if you don’t, and why.

Thanks! I appreciate your time.

I’m looking for a system exactly like that

This is EXACTLY what I am looking for… I’ve been trying to find tutorials on how to create this, but with no luck, and I’m not good enough to create it myself… I would love this… Does this still exists? And where can I get it?

Hey, not sure why i didn’t get the notifications that people replied to this but I did get around to polishing this up a bit and made a submission to the Marketplace. Here is a preview. What do you think? Is this what you were looking for?

I will post here again once it is approved.

Plenty of tutorials out there for this system though that are free.

Good news, this was approved on the Marketplace. The release forum thread can be found here: