Zelda like Heart Health System tutorial

Hey everyone!

*I’m XyonFox and I just started a brand new **UE4 tutorial series *about creating a heart-based health system.
like the one you find in The Legend of Zelda or in Minecraft.
I’m new to the tutoring (is that a word?) world so i’d LOVE any feedback :slight_smile:
English isn’t my mother language so don’t be too rough :wink:
~~ Features ~~

  • 100% c++ free (only BP and materials)
  • Dynamic Health update
  • Lose or gain heart hp by quarters (25%), halves (50%) or the percentage you like.
  • Heart containers
  • Simple damager and healers
  • Dynamically arrange hearts to the heart bar and wrap them down if needed.

~~ Pictures ~~
pending to add…
~~ Planned features ~~

  • Play intense music when you are low health
  • Heartbeat widget animation.
  • Change heart color/texture based on status (green if poisoned, gold if stasis, black if corrupted and so on).
  • -Insert your requested feature here-

~~ Videos ~~

Tutorial trailer:

                                                                    ~~ Download ~~

Demo project files:

***** THE TUTORIAL HAS BEEN discountinued** *****

This tutorial series playlist:**

If you want to wath a specific part:
**Part 1: **
Part 2:

Part 3:
Part 4: …

Feel free to suggest a feature I may implement to the system if i’m able to do so :slight_smile:

Feel free to suggest a new feature, I may implement it to the system if i’m capable of doing so :slight_smile:

Hi Xyon! I’m very interested in this heart containers and i would like to ask if you could try to implement a new feature that consists in different heart type, as in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ (if you don’t know this game please google the different types of hearts!)

The types of hearts are:

  • SOUL: Light blue, functions as armor (you don’t need a heart container to collect them) and adds to the end of the health bar.
  • EVIL / DARK: Black, fuctions the same as soul hearts, but when depleted do entire room damage. Also adds to the end of the helth bar. (NOTE: You don’t need to program this exact action only i would like to see if you can program some type of heart that does something when depleted!)
  • ETERNAL: White, adds (visually overlapping) to your last heart container. Functions as armor and if you collect two of them or complete the whole level/floor/dungeon yo get a permanent extra heart container.
  • GOLDEN: Golden (as the name suggests :P), adds (visually bordering) to your last heart (no matter if it’s container/soul/dark) and when the heart it’s bordering is depleted it spawns coins.


Hi there :smiley: I was wondering if you are ever planning on doing part 3? The heart system that I am left with at part 2 is unusable because it doesn’t add any new hearts once one is full, neither does it allow you to start with multiple hearts and remove them through damage. If you want to tell me how to do those parts now, I would greatly appreciate it, but if not, please make a tutorial on it so that others can do this. I understand if you are done with the tutorials for now and don’t want to make another.

Hello everyone, it has been a while (almost 2 years!) ^^’ sorry but I have been very busy at university. I have uploaded the demo project files so you can download them and test the ‘finished’ (only the simple features listen in here) system. I might try to re-do it and complete the tutorial, until then you can use this. Thank you for understanding.