Zbrush vs Photoshop vs any other for texturing and normal maps

I’m not to sure about the subject so i come to unreal. I’m going to be at the point when i start texturing my object. I’m looking for a program to easily create textures like brick and etc. Photoshop seems time consuming to learn and if their is a easier program why not. So is z brush like a premium texturing Program where I’m able to easily Import such things to unreal? I hit a stomp due to the fact unreal Isn’t able to take bump maps buts it’s okay I’ll work through it all. opinions will be appreciated. Thank YOu!

I use a program called crazybump. It gives bump, specular, normal and occlusion maps, and is relatively easy to use. However it can not create anything from scratch, and needs a reference image to work from. But i can only recommend it.

I wouldn’t really consider ZBrush a texturing program. It’s a sculpting program with some painting tools.

Currently, 2 of the best texture programs are Substance Designer/Painter, and the Quixel suite. For generating a tiling brick texture, that’s going to be done is Substance Designer which is a node based material system. In Quixel you’d used NDO for the normal map and then use DDO for the rest of the texturing process.

CrazyBump is decent at give quick results, but they are quick and dirty results. If you just need a little bit of normal detail and it doesn’t need to be super accurate, CrazyBump is fine. But I wouldn’t use it where you want good, clean, solid results.

Substance Painter, Substance Designer, and Bitmap2Material. There’s a whole package for all three and I think they’re perfect for any artist who needs to texture things.

Link: https://www.allegorithmic.com/

P.S. ZBrush is more for sculpting but it can definitely be used for normal maps, I think you would need to render the normal/height maps so they can be imported into UE4.

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Learn Substance, it’s a very useful skill in the industry, Zbrush isn’t really all that great for painting textures

Thank you!!!

I suggest Substance Designer. Easy to use, very powerful, high quality and fast. Grab and trial version and see if it’s for you. Just to give you some context, most AAA studios have moved to a Substance supported pipeline, just saying.