ZBrush Questions

Hi everybody,

I am an amateur fine artist. I’ve been doing it for fun for over 15 years but mostly making doodles so I’m not a master like other people who have been drawing for 15 years. I’ve always wanted to get into 3D modeling and concept art for games. I’m currently learning the ins and outs of UE4 and I’d like to know where I should be making 3D models. I hear everybody talk about Blender, 3ds Max and Maya but no mention of ZBrush. I’m a little confused. Is ZBrush for concept art only or is it commonly used to make static meshes that can later be imported into UE4? Can I make dynamic meshes in ZBrush? Is there even a point to use ZBrush when those other modeling/animating softwares exist?

I pretty much don’t know anything about anything so a comprehensive list of everything I would have to learn to make games/3d environments would be amazing Oh and lastly, is there a tutorial somewhere to help people transition from traditional art to digital art?

Thank you very much I’m gonna go play UT while I wait for some answers.

Hi, i am not sure about “dynamic”.
ZBrush is a very creative tool, with great freedom.
The models are not gameready, you have to do retopo for that.
Blender has sculpt tools too, a “bit” more limited then ZBrush.
But Blender has it all, for free.
When you want to make gameready stuff, there is much to learn, topology and rigging.
I do not understand, what “traditional Art -transform” means.
There is no useful “transform button” in there.Blender Made Easy! Tutorial 2: Blueprint Set-Up - YouTube

Zbrush is for primarily sculpting high detail models that are then baked to normal maps or displacement maps. For a game you have to have a lower poly model which requires either having a base mesh to sculpt onto or retopologizing from a high detail sculpt. There’s some other modeling features, but programs like Maya/3ds Max/Blender are more suited for the non-sculpting purposes. There’s no way to set up an animated mesh in Zbrush for use in UE4, you need to export it to another program where you would create your animation rig and then export from there with FBX.

There is definitely lots of talk about Zbrush… Try the advanced keyword search. Meantime…

Its a challenge to get a reliable up-to-date direct functional comparison between sculpting & modeling apps.
This example was just posted. Looks cool, but is it a practical game ready asset? Its probably too high poly! (Zbrush direct pipeline to UE4???)

Games require level-design-environment meshes (UV texturing and collision), plus animated rigged assets (Characters, Vehicles / Weapons)
Although Zbrush can do all of this in theory, is it a realistic efficient substitute for Maya / Blender / Modo / Max for game work…???
Typically you use Zbrush as part of a pipeline or workflow along with Max/Maya/Blender etc. So as an artist you should probably learn both app types.