Zbrush and UE4

I’m learning to use Zbrush and Blender, and while I’m understanding the basics I don’t really understand what the proper process is to go from start to finish and get say a static mesh into unreal 4 ready and placeable. I don’t mind reading through documentation or going through tutorials I’m just looking for a path to follow to learn the process. Any advice or help is appreciated.

1.- Create a Mesh
(Mesh, UV mapping, Texture Mapping)
2.- Export FBX
3.- Import FBX and textures.

Ready to place.

It depends, if you are going to use Zbrush, you can model your base mesh in Blender, then export to Zbrush and do your high detail sculpt, you can bake your normals there or use something like Xnormal to bake your normal maps, then you would export your low poly mesh back to Blender for texturing/rigging, then you export to UE4 from there.

Thanks for the response it’s helping me get going, but but it leads me to another questions. I know it’s very situational but is there a rule of thumb for the poly count on a typical model to maintain good performance in game? Possibly a range? Also are there any tutorials I could be directed to that show the process from scratch to in game. I’m experimenting myself but seeing someone do it would expedite the process.

Actually there is no “real” rule for the poly count, because it depends on the type of game (how complex the level will be, style, size,…) -> but I always keep it as low as possible :stuck_out_tongue:

e.g for my trees I always stay in a range between 1000-7000 tris


I dont know if there is a tutorial about the entire process, but those here will help you:
?v=TTsAYpqHU-chttps://youtube/watch?v=17pcyPVplEchttps (better when you do it like that: ://)v=bQ9zSmuh8OIhttps?v=JR7CAHxGBcY&list=PLn5JVyG-ydVOa6MAlQYIIFCl0xwP_lcsv&index=1

This is all exactly what I was looking for. I guess I wasn’t searching with the right keywords haha :rolleyes:. Anyway thanks for the great information. Hopefully this post helps out some other people as well.