ZBrush 3D layers to morph targets

Is it possible to turn ZBrushes 3D layers into unreal engine morph targets . i tried exporting an OBJ and an FBX but whenever i import it to UE4 there are no morph targets

BTW i am using Human ZBuilder for ZBrush and i am trying to export the 3D layers it has

I still need help :slight_smile:

Can anyone Please Help (Bump)

You can’t simply do that, Zbrush is a sculpting software and while the layers work as morphs in concept inside Zbrush they do not reflect as morphs to be recognized by FBX format or Unreal or any other software to my knowledge (some connectivity plugin being exceptions between max/maya). I suggest you take your objs into a 3d software of choice and set them up as actual morph targets inside Mayx/Maya/Blender on top of your skeletal rigged mesh then export it through FBX into Unreal. Other than this it wont work either as a workflow or as a setup.

Thank you [MENTION=202133]William K[/MENTION] .

This can only be done by using the zbrush to maya blend shape export option. Essentially what happens is it allows you to export your zbrush morph layers to maya as blend shapes which is quite handy as zbrush is a far superior scultping suite (In my opinion.) . It should be found in your zplugin menu. It is worth noting that this still requires you to have both zbrush and maya.