Zak's new Pink hair?

Lol I wonder who dared Zak to dye he’s hair pink or was it just because 4.1.0 update was just too Epic! and that he’s normal hair color was too mainstream lol. what do you guys have to say?

Do you have a picture?

Its on the latest unreal engine 4 video on Youtube, check it out lol

Three options:

  1. “Normal” color of hair is to main stream.
  2. He won bet.
  3. He lost bet.


I think he had pink hair before the launch, since Ray Davis mentioned his pink hair in the UK meetup thread. It was probably for cancer awareness.

I bet he lost a bet. Not the first time :smiley:

Now…ask him about the blue dress. :smiley:

I assume he played with the color of a material instance and forgot it was referenced to his hair.

I really wish I could like posts on this forum, but in the mean time here’s a star


Or none of the above. Although in hindsight I should probably make more bets with Zak so that I can control the future hair colors.

hahaha! that would be awesome xD Keeping the work place interesting with some little fun is always interesting right? xD

Next time…give Rama a chance :p. It will be VIBGYOR :cool:

Yeah, let Rama control the hair colour. :stuck_out_tongue: Result:


lol about the thread comments really nothing else i can add you guys nailed it :stuck_out_tongue:

He did it to unlock team hair powers (sadly, Josh was not at PAX East to participate):

Michael Noland

Ahahaha! that is just too funny! xD

For some reason this comes to mind.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hee hee!!!