Zak's cows


such symbolism

much amaze

I smell the next big AAA for 2015! :smiley:

Cool, reminds of a movie called “un quento chino” where at the very beginning the wife of a chinese man is killed by a cow falling from the sky.

10/10, would cow again.

Great i will get the kickstart going tomorrow how much would you like to pledge?:wink:

Put me down for 4 mill. Keen as XD

Thank you! For your kind contribution you get complementary mug and coaster your name in the credits and as a bonus your name with font of your choosing on a cow udder.
Kind Regards,

But I want my name on a cow udder too. :frowning:
And I want a cool mug.
Forget 4 mill, I’ll go 4 trill!!!

Sweet as :smiley: cow udder in Comic Sans is yours.Will send Mug & coaster just pm you address/payment details :wink:


Howdy Hamzter,

I was totally caught off guard watching that video. I was expecting cows, but not cows raining from the sky. Definitely made me crack up laughing. Great work and hope to see what else you decide to create in the future.

In case anyone else wanted to drop things into their level, Zak Parrish has a tutorial you can follow here: