Zak Parrish, thank you, the tutorials are fantastic as ever!

Zak Parrish, thank you, the tutorials are fantastic as ever!

Really glad you’re enjoying them! :smiley:

Go make awesome stuff!

yeah zak parrish is a super hero for me in this field :slight_smile:

i don’t know him personally , but i really appreciate the guy and his work .

Total respect !

Yeah Zak, you are awesome! Keep up the good work! :smiley:

Thanks zak! His tutorials are perfect and easy understanding.

Great teacher. Everything he explains as clear as possible, really great stuff on his videos.


I have but one question. Where did the rest of the team go? Where’s Logan and Buzz? I understand their likely off doing what need be, but honestly, I miss a bit of the back of forth. I used to crash to the VTMs from the UT2004 ECE release(more often than I’d like to admit!) so I miss a bit of the “orifice comradery” you guys portrayed. Even in the digital world of biz we all have to be people! I do appreciate the ‘to the point’ nature of the online VTMs as well though. I understand how all of that works. Maybe in one of these future UE4 releases there could be another “UT2004 ECE edition” sort of thing.

In short, thanks Epic, Buzz, Zak, Logan, and last but certainly not least, the rest of the unnamed faces that made all of this possible.

And a final thanks for ending Uscript! And thanks for doing away with the NEED for Flash and Scaleform, at least at this point! Please do us all a favor and keep it Epic.

So, here just to say, Zak, you are the most awesome teacher ever. Great tutorials, great sense of humour, it´s so great to ear yor expaining things… Keep rocking man!

His excellent videos (and books!) at 3D buzz are what got me involved in this community years ago.

Glad that Epic scooped him up.

Zak is awesome…no doubt. Zak is like the Andrew Kramer of Unreal. :wink:

Love ya Zak! :slight_smile:

That is so true!!! Amazing videos Zak!

Zak mate! You should be my personal tutor for UE4. I need your expertise to make things on UE4! :smiley:

Yeah, Zak… I have to admit: YOU are the man! REALLY Great instructor!! I’ve watched a couple series you’ve done and they’re always easy to understand, clear, and fun.

Zak is awesome, but I would also like to big up the Bunn. :slight_smile:

Thank you Zak, you are a GREAT teacher!