Z up, Y up, doesn't it matter in UE4?

Hi so I remember working with older UDK and having Z up was pretty important when i was building my rigs and characters. Now with UE4 i noticed even when i import my Y up characters they still are still standing up right and not laying on the ground. Is this a new feature in UE4? does it auto change the axis when i import them or what? Should i still worry about having Z up when i make new characters?

Can anyone shine light on this and deny or confirm it?

I have some files i need to do for a client and wast sure if i can set them up with Y up or if that might cause issues later?

Thanks in advance!

I really have no idea (I’m not a 3d artist) if ue4 changes the Y axis to Z. But the Z axis is “the up axis” in ue4 so why not just use Z as your up axis in your modelling software?

FBX files default to Y-Up. In UE4, when importing an FBX, it will convert from Y-Up to Z-Up for you. The FBX exporter in Maya defaults to exporting Y Up so if you don’t change that then it should all import correctly.

When importing to UE4 the setting ‘Convert Scene’ is by defauled enabled. It is used to automatically convert the up axis from fbx order (whatever what may be) to UE4 order (which is +Z). Thus Z up or Y up or whatever doesn’t matter when importing to UE4.