Youtube video streaming

I was wondering if it’s possible to play stream youtube video inside the media framework. I got the streaming link from youtube-dl. It plays in windos media player or web browser but says no source in unreal WMF. For example,

The format should be MP4 but not ending with an extension to that.

Hello FrankKappaPride,

If you would like to play a video in the editor you could use the web browser plugin. After you enable it you will be able to find it in the widget blueprints. I hope that this information helps.


  1. Create new widget blueprint
  2. Add web browser widget to the designer tab
  3. Resize the widget to suit your needs
  4. Go into the graph
  5. Get a reference to the web browser (see below) and use load URL (this can also be use to load files from your computer at runtime)
  6. You will then want to add the widget to the viewport
  7. Play


Load URL

Add widget to viewport

Note: A delay may be needed if you are creating the web browser on begin play

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Thank you for replying! The only question I have on web widget is whether I can control the video flow as good as the embedded media player (pause, play, jump to x seconds)?

When using the “Load URL” node this will simply load the page that is selected as if you were to open it in your browser.

Is it possible to add the widget as a material on static mesh instead of displaying at front of the view port?

You could create a 3D widget by adding a Widget component to an actor blueprint.

Hello,I have a problem when I use Web Browser to play a adobe flash player video.
At some Chinese webs,It shows that I need to install the flash player,but I can play the video from Youtube.
I’m a Chinese user,so Is there any solution for this problem?
The link is here:link text

Hello luckpolar,

After looking into the issue it appears that the web browser widget does not currently support flash. I have written up a request and I have submitted it to the developers for further consideration. I have also provided a link to the public tracker. Please feel free to use the link provided for future updates.

Link: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-38563)

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dont need flash.
chromium use html5 to play video.

and youtube support html5 video

Thank you very much.
So, any html5 video is OK for Web Browser?