Youtube Unreal 4 Tutorials for Audio

Thank you for showing us how to work with Unreal 4. It has been very helpful.

My request: It would be great to have audio tutorials
1)show how do you get started with implementing sound into the level
2)show tricks and tips about putting audio in Unreal 4
3)show how to implement 5.1 surround sound

It would be great to also see more animation blueprint tutorials or a content for the marketplace that really shows off animation
Example:show how animation combos work(for both first and third person) in unreal 4

Hi sl092,

Thanks for the feedback. New tutorials are being created all the time. For example, some excellent tutorials on setting up a 3rd Person game came out this week. It has some very useful info on setting up animations as well.

Thanks, TJ

For the OP, I have been working with UE4 for almost a year now, and I can tell you on the audio front that it is actually very similar to UE3, at least in terms of setting up sound cues, placing them, etc. There are some differences in that now blueprints allow much more control, but the basics should be able to be gleaned almost entirely from UDK tutorials.

Hi sl092,

We are currently updating our Documentation for audio and working on a few other things to help out in the future.


Thank you! I was just about to ask the same thing! Keep up the good work Epic!

Thank you for taking your time of day to response. Keep up the good work.