YouTube/other format preview

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only dev that would like to see a youtube preview… Like new editor window… Or a tick box somewhere… So you can showcase your hard work in the best possible light… Instead of uploading a never ending stream of test videos… This would go a long way to helping indies and pros alike…

All you need to do is adjust brightness and audio levels to match YouTube… Its not a big deal…

What’s wrong? Won’t do it, cause it was my idea??? If it was anyone else’s idea you would do it… What’s the problem?

You had no problem with dynamic decimation… Or as you call it… Nanite… What’s the dealio?

I’m not sure what you’re asking. A youtube preview of what? Where?

No one said they wouldn’t do it.

The problem is that the request is unclear. How would the feature you’re describing work? What is the feature?

You want to edit a video in the UE editor before uploading it to YT? Why - there are better tools. A video of what, precisely?