Youtube Music Policies Feature, think it's safe?

What do you guys think of the you tube music policies feature, a lot of popular music is available there but I’m wondering, is it really safe to use the listed music in say… game trailers?
1 of the the things that made me instantly fall in love with Paragon is the fact that M83’s Outro song from cloud atlas was featured in the announcement trailer, though I have no idea if Epic actually licensed the song or not.

Here’s a link if you wanna know exactly what I’m talking about apparently were allowed to use all that music in our videos on youtube under certain conditions.

No, that has nothing to do with using a song as a part of something like a trailer, you would still need to license it for that. There’s cases where one of those songs might be playing in a video–for example, music can be licensed in a video game so if someone has a video of themselves playing the game on Youtube then the video could be tagged because the song is playing in the background. Often times gamers will turn off music in a game if it plays music like that. There can also be other cases where a song might be playing in someone’s video and this is to help you know what can happen if you have that. Again, this is not anything like using a song in a trailer.

They have it messed up over there at youtube. I put a trailer for my game up there and I was accused with copyright of a song I’ve never heard of, from a band from Sweden. I’ve read it happens a lot, but really is annoying. If I didn’t realize this in time, it would’ve been pulled. C’mon YouTube :rolleyes:

They haven’t messed anything up on YouTube, Google know exactly what they’re doing dude…
You make the content, they keep all the profit, and they ban you on any corporate-bot’s say so:

Hmmmm… That’s my point, actually; I am also aware of the relationship between YouTube and Google. I haven’t used that song, at all, and do not have any songs really in my video.

I’ve known what they do to people on their domain, especially people they have a highly conflicting view of; especially people they disagree with. Understandably, you wouldn’t pick that up from my comment, because the comment did, in a way, suggest that they aren’t aware of what they do.

And we all know that is not true.

However, it was meant to point out the fact that it isn’t quite the platform it appears to be and can really be more of a headache; therefore messed up. Maybe dictatorial, crony capitalist, or corrupt is a better word, but what they do is wrong, out of all.

I researched the issue I had and found several with the same problem as me. I took it that many other people experienced it because several other people on one particular forum (I’ll look for it in a minute if I have to) actually were accused by the same song and band. So it seemed like it would ‘appear to be an error’, and even then I already knew different. I always figured if a company got too big like Google, they would become a destructive force.

Now that we understand what we both know… what’s next?

Not to seem condescending in anyway but my point is we’re coming from the same place.

No worries.

The crazy thing here is corporate bots can issue any number of IP infringements to YouTube.
If they’re totally and utterly wrong they face absolutely no penalty / disincentive whatsoever.
So it only makes good business sense to be super-aggressive and pathetically error prone etc.
Because they also get to keep the revenue stream during the whole contentious process, wtf?

What’s next: Anyone know of new FOSS options / competitors for video sharing / social media?

You’ve said a whole lot that so few can admit.
Isn’t it mad? It’s like they’ve grown into a despotic role of corporate power
but ever growing closer to an altruistic-thought control minded one. I really think it’s sick.
Wasn’t joking at all I always figured something like this could happen. Not to tute my own
horn, but come to think of it, there is hardly an emphasis on the push against ‘trusts’ and that is part of the problem
when we look at these big, over-conglomerated corporations like Google, or YouTube. What happens when you or I can’t run a small
business without google or youtube? What if they don’t think you, or me, as assets, are relevant on the web in total. Our society is so digital,
the idea of giving into a higher form of control for access to it, certainly has been proven to be a more viable possibility to control opposing opinions.
Then at the very least are those people who aren’t even in any ‘wrong’ but are just in a grey zone, whether one is political, economical, ethical or whatever, where
they decide whether your video should profit off of their content. I know this is a stretch, but so was half of the things we develop 50 years ago
At least worth an open mind

FOSS, well that would be the rational alternatives, both as consumers, and people who want to survive in an increasingly tech-dependent world. Social Media giants are bad news. Always have been, but at least used to be maintained of themselves. Now, they have power of censorship. I would say at the least, is one sort of example of this, in response to Twitter, although not the only type or one.

Can you have a web browser in game that points to a youtube video and play that in your game legally?