Youtube Copyright claims on gameplay videos with marketplace songs

I keep getting claims about copyright for songs i bought on the marketplace

  • Copyrighted content: Time Moment Has Stopped
  • Claimed by: INgrooves

That is named Ursa Major Cluster in the package Space Journey

And this is the original song:

And this is the latest one because i’ve had also a lot of claims for songs in these two packages:

These are the claims:

  • Copyrighted content: Third Name (Original Mix)

  • Claimed by: Kontor New Media Music

  • Copyrighted content: I Hear You (Original Mix)

  • Claimed by: Kontor New Media Music

  • Copyrighted content: Chrome (Slow Mix)

  • Claimed by: Kontor New Media Music

That are inside Dream music vol 1 or 2 with the same names.

It’s not always easy to counter these claims also with Epic invoices and a video of the gameplay of the game. So, if one of our customers wants to post a video with one of these songs he would receive the same copyright claim and he can’t do anything.

Is it normal?

Hey there, Zerstoren

Thanks for bringing this up, let me run it by the teams and see what we can come up with. I am not sure what we can do, but we’ll look into it.


After speaking with the team, someone should be in touch with you by email regarding this issue! If you do not hear anything back, please let me know!

Thanks again for bringing this up.

Hi, and thanks to all marketplace team for the quick reply via email. Keep up the good work