Youtube channel Intro/ID video created with Unreal 4

24 h earlier i decided to change my logo design and then create a new YouTube / twitch video intro. So this is my first project using Unreal 4. The next project that i will post here
may be a game i’m working on right now. Don’t forget subscribe to my Youtube Channel iLemagaming because this adventure with Unreal just started.
You can see the Intro video below with the making of time lapse.




May i criticize this?

I think the “Gaming” “Music” and “Cinema” Texture look awefull :X. They don’t fit in the scene with that black square around it.
The rest of the scene has way too much lense flares and blure. Try to minimize the edit. This is way to overedited.

The rest is cool, although the flames look copied. Maybe alter the settings for 2 nearby flames, so that they don’t look alike so much.

(: Keep going and looking forward to your Game!

Awesome work…I kinda want to go make an intro now…Great job again…

Anyone who wants/plans to create an video intro, check out this article: Some really awesome tips! Hope it helps.