Youtube Build with Tutorial


New to Unreal and I was wonder is there any youtuber’s who have a build with series that cover several areas of level design / game mechanics.

Things like

Map design / importing and making hight map, applying textures, adding grass and trees, editing terrain, adding water, making buildings and character basics.

I found this for UDK a while back and followed through it found it very useful for getting a feel for how to do things.

This is just a hobby for me and wanted to get back into it



There are YouTube videos for all of this, but none that I know of in one series.

Map design / editing terrain:
(Unreal Engine 4 Basic Landscape / Terrain Tutorial)

Water: ?
Water Tutorial Unreal Engine 4

Grass / Trees: ?
How to add foliage Unreal Engine 4

Character basics: ?
UE4 Tutorial - Create a Movable Player Character From Scratch

Just keep search for the rest.

Also check out the Learn and Market place for freebies to help you along.

Also make sure to take a look at the documentation: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/index.html :slight_smile: