You're Doomed Pre-Alpha 3 begins today

We’re super excited to release the third stage of the You’re Doomed Pre-Alpha today!

You’re Doomed has been in public pre-alpha since Q4 2018 and we’ve been working hard to continue to build the game and to incorporate all of the feedback and insight we’ve had back from the community over last year, and we can’t wait for you to sit down with this latest build.

You can get your hands on the pre-alpha by joining the community on discord where you can download the latest builds of the game and chat with the us, or from GameJolt. We’ve super happy with this new pre-alpha build and we can’t wait to see what you all make of it!

Some of the major updates in this build are:

  • A new level has been added: The Mines
  • There’s a new default weapon: The Dual Shot
  • There’s a new upgradeable weapon: The Quad Shot
  • There’s new enemy types: The Rock Chucker and the Fire Chucker
  • There’s new hazard effects
  • And there’s been a major rewrite of a lot of the core code, with a lot of optimisations

(A full changelog can be found here:

The Mines:

This is our first test for one of the levels from the Mines area of the ship, the game takes place on a spaceship built around a small planet, the mines are where the coal is mined which powers the ship. The mines currently feature one new enemy type, and a different level structure and colour palette when compared to the engineering decks. What we are looking to test for this level, is the structure and the level of difficultly. This particular level will be approximately the 5[SUP]th[/SUP] level in the game.

There’s still plenty of content which needs to be added to the mines, including hazards and enemy types, and we will be testing these in a future build.

The New Weapons:

We’re testing two of the new weapons, the Dual Shot and the Quad Shot, as well as the new weapon system in this build. The new Dual Shot weapon fires two shots at once, a fast paced low damage projectile and a high damage slower paced projectile, and the new Quad shot fires two fast paced low damage projectiles from its sides and two slower paced high damage projectiles from the front. All the weapons now feature a charged shot which does huge damage too, this shot is charged passively by simply not shooting for one second.

We’ve removed to automatic upgrades of the weapon, and instead as you build up multipliers you also power up the special bar, and when this bar is full you can choose to upgrade the weapon. If you are hurt the weapon will downgrade one level (there’s only two weapon levels in this build).

New Enemy Types:

We’ve added two new versions for the Chucker enemies. The Engineering levels now have the Fire type Chucker, his projectiles will erupt into a burning puddle of napalm which will damage any character which walks into it. The Mines levels have the Rock type Chucker, this Chucker’s projectiles cause shape rocks to erupt from the ground, which will damage any character they come into contact with.

New Code Updates:

We’ve performed a pretty major rewrite of a lot of the core code for the game, our major aim for this was to reduce the CPU load during gameplay, to remove redundant code from earlier builds and versions of the engine, and to streamline how the code and components can be used by the artists on the team.


You can get your hands on the pre-alpha by joining the community on discord where you can download the latest builds of the game and chat with the us, or from GameJolt.

New pre-alpha builds will be coming as development continues over the next few months and we’re always interested to hear what you think.

Thanks for checking out You’re Doomed, and we really look forward to seeing what you all think of it!