Your two-factor sign in code spam

Hi ,

First of all, how can I open a support ticket for Unreal? I finally managed to find this forum, but it’s still not 100% about the issue I’m facing…

I keep receiving emails as below:

Your two-factor sign in code

Around 10-20 in the last 2 days… Is Unreal able to take any actions? It is not me who keeps trying to log on my account…


You need to change your account password.

Yes, Epic’s account security is a mess, and their attempts to improve it have come with their own problems, like constantly having to re-authenticate because they’re incapable of correctly detecting new devices.

Hi @Shirouyasha

Please fill out THIS FORM to contact Epic Account Support. Make sure to enter as much detail on what happened so they can assist you further. They will reply to you by email.

It says Fortnite, but it’s currently being used for UE4 support too, just select a random game mode since it isn’t needed for UE4.