Your thoughts on The Last Guardian

I am just curious what other people think about the game.
Unfortunately I don’t have a Ps4 so I can’t play it :frowning: but I watched the whole game (12 hours) on YouTube and I have to say that it is amazing. It is probably one of my favourite games ever made.
What do you think about The Last Guardian?

Looks cool . Same as U only be able to watch it . Has the features of Shadow of colossus

Shadow of the colossus is also a very good game.

I generally have a willingness to play open world game but the problem is I don’t thing JC3 will be supported on my PC . Did U get a chance to play it ? I think my pc will not be able to handle it . I was somehow able to play Mad Max by ending all processes from the task manager :p.

Just cause 3? I haven’t played it yet but it is on a holiday sale so I might buy it. I bought an i7 and it arrived yesterday so I think it is time to finally play it :rolleyes:

yeah surely play and reply back how it felt to do the jump from the highest point and glide to the sea . Just complete the first 3 / 4 missions and u’ll get Ur new equipment and yes Happy New Year .(Hop that U buy it )

Happy New Year, I didn’t buy it yet, the game looks like a lot of fun.

Hey do U play Fifa anyhow ??? :confused:

No, I don’t really like football :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah good for U . I only play fifa 15 but hope to play fifa 17 soon . I ask this question to many people but they say they don’t like football . Actually the best part of the game would be if we actually play it outdoors would be the best experience for us . Think of it an epic league where users and staffs will play :smiley: with the staffs as league manager . :rolleyes:
Think of the whole concept :rolleyes: .Now we do not know for sure who is watching this conversation but if it gets some serious eyes oh boy :stuck_out_tongue: