Your plan is currently: (pending)

I just resubscribe today , it is normal to see that my sub “pending”? I haven’t encounter this before. I can’t download 4.4 but I have access to the marketplace content(weird…).

So this has never happen to anyone else? Been pending for 2 days…still can’t download the engine and it looks like my credit card was charge. I did contact billing , no luck there yet(they told me try again because of server problem, that was 10/2). This is frustrating I finally have time to use UE4 since 10/1 but can’t!

I have yet to re sub - I will see if this happens in a day or so when money hits my bank.

In the mean time contact support.

I did contact support 2 times the first time I got a reply telling me I should try it again because they were having server problems, not sure what they meant by try it again(I assume login to the launcher, and try to download). I email them a second time early this morning 8 AM, haven’t heard back from them yet. I just got off the phone with my credit card company it was definitely charged to my card(its a pending charge). Yet I don’t have access to github or UE4 via the launcher.

edit: so my third email got thru. waiting for reply.

edit2: I still didn’t get a reply for my third email BUT I finally got access to Github and UE4 via the launcher today around 8PM!

edit3: I finally got a reply from support this morning 6AM and I was surprised! Wow - Epic support sure does know how to treat their customer!! :slight_smile:

" Hello Son and thank you for contacting Epic Games and being a part of the Unreal Engine 4 developer community.

Your credit card has been issued a refund in the amount of $19.00. I have granted you a 30 day free subscription for the issues you have experienced.

Your subscription has been activated! Your account will remain active until 11/4/2014. "

Howdy SonKim,

I am glad to hear that the issue has been sorted out. If you ever do run across another issue in the future, I would highly recommend that you post this issue on our AnswerHub located here: This should provide a hasty response to any issue that you may be having.

Thanks and have a great day!