Your opinion on head bobbing

So I’ve been playing Thief 2 for the first time in a long time, and I’ve noticed that there is a really prevalent head bobbing. I really like it because it seems to add more immersion to the game, but my friend vehemently disagrees with me. What’s your guys’ opinions on head bobbing?

Boy I’m tempted. There’s some crude humor in there, somewhere. But I’ll take your question seriously. I don’t like it. It doesn’t cause me motion sickness, but is annoying. I don’t notice it in real life. I don’t want it in my games. While I like camera shake when firing a weapon or falling or getting hit, that to me adds to the game experience, and UE4 has that built in. Which is cool.

Haha, didn’t even see the potential for crude humor there until you brought it up :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re doing a stealth game or just a slower game, though, couldn’t head bobs demonstrate better each individual step? I totally understand where you’re coming from; I’m just trying to feel the impact of head bobs to games

Yeah. You might be right about stealth games. I haven’t played thief in a long time. You can always make head bob a turn-on, turn-off option in your game, and let the player choose.
Good luck.

I personally am not a fan, but that is probably just because I am used to fast-paced games like Black Ops 3, where head boobbing would be too much of a distraction. If it isn’t too much trouble, I’d add it in, and then have an option to toggle it on/off, since I can see how some people might like it.

I am strongly against any kind of involuntary head/camera movement in games. (Any kind of shaking, spinning, “drug effects” in games.) As “immersive” as it might try to be, I feel it’s more likely to cause motion sickness than actually adding anything to a game. I don’t really see the logic behind it either, because you don’t really have that kind of effect in the real world when walking or running, your brain is really good at keeping the world still and not bobbing up and down. If you must use it, make it a very mild effect and even then give an option of turning it off.

I personnaly dont mind head bobbing and feel that in some cases in can increase my immersion but definitely the option has to be there to turn it off. I dont really suffer from motion sickness however i could not imagine anything worse that trying to relax with somes games and just feeling quezzy!

I like head bobbing everywhere, when hit or impact, after deep fall.
But i do not like to have to much options in a game, to disable everything and tweak all stuff.
Disable vegetation and reduce everything to low and you play a mmo game with big advantage, but game looks ugly.
When you are low on stamina and health, what could be better than headbobbing extreme, together with massive postprocess shaders?
I like it, when it´s someway randomnized.
Haha motion sickness.

Black Ops 3 has head bobbing.

In fact, it has really severe head bobbing to the point where quite a few people have been complaining about it and you cannot turn it off.

I bet you also think this kind of shaking is a good idea:
And no, it’s not being played by someone with hand tremors.

Doing some scouring on google and I can’t even see if there is any way to turn it off in the files. It is really disappointing that there is not even an option for this to be disabled in game.

That shaking looks horrendous, wonder if it was added in to make the boss fight harder or more annoying :slight_smile:

Hehe my bad, I haven’t played it very much, but hopefully you get my point.

Head bobbing actually gives me nausea, so I have to turn it off. If I can’t turn it off, I don’t buy the game.

/nausea +8 charactersw

I like a little bit of head bobbing in games. It mostly matters on what kind of game it is. In a fast pace FPS I prefer it to be off, but in pretty much any other kind of game I’m fine with it. To me it seems to give a much more cinematic experience and make your character feel more alive, but hey, that’s just my opinion.

For me it depends on the game as well.
Head bobbing is just unnatural and I don’t like it in games that want to achieve a more realistic world and feeling.
Otherwise I don’t mind it at all…as long as it doesn’t feel like you are in some messed up kind of bouncy castle :smiley:

I played the game and so far i remember i liked it. The headboobing is the counterforce from the twister or not?
Was it not sucking you into, start rotating you and you have all the time to move mouse to prevent rotation?
Yes sure for a headbobbing it is to hard.
I am more talking about “smoother” bobbing, stuff like here ^^

It was just random violent shaking so you couldn’t shoot straight or move that well. And it’s not really head bobbing at that point anymore, just a horrible way of trying to make the game more difficult. For me it falls under the category of trying to make the game harder by having bad controls (either temporarily or in general), and that’s something I never want to see in games. Surprisingly many games do that kind of stuff and it’s only acceptable in a few games in very short segments.

I remember my cousin throwing up from playing Doom with head bobbing on…
Yet I think it adds great immersion.

Not for the motion sick I guess…

Please don’t do head bobbing in VR… please?