Your First Game in UE5 | Tech Talk | State of Unreal 2022 Ressources

Hi there, just try to follow and understand the new posted getting started Vid from today.

But at ~5min they import a crate. Where i find this Ressource? cant find it in the Stack-o-bot Sample Project.

TY in advance


In the meanwhile, i found the crate in the stack-o-bot project.

But its really hard to follow the Getting started Course, without the textures, fbx mesh native files and so on. Maybe someone from epic can upload a new ressource package for that course…

This would help a lot. Thank you.


hey, i’m also trying to follow this video. i think they are using the stack o bot assets in their own new project but i have no idea how to import those assets…


I think the stack o bot version from the tutorial has .fbx files, and the new version available to us has the needed files in .uasset format. That’s why we can’t import them into our project the way it is shown in the tutorial.
You can search for them in Windows File Explorer in the StackOBot project folder, or open the StackOBot project in UnrealEngine5 and right-click on the resources you need, then Asset Actions and Migrate.


Thanks for sharing that, I just spent a few hours trying to figure out if I could create my own or trying to import similar things from other free additions.

Really wish they would have provided the fbx files below the video or just told us how to get it into the system in any way. Wasted hours today because I was obsessing more than I should

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They seemed to have removed some textures/materials and moved others into new folders completely. At this point I find this tutorial completely infuriating. I’ll move on to other ones that either supply the assets or clearly say where to get them