"Your Epic Games Account is Locked"

Over the past few weeks, I’ve received this email about 10 times due to logins that someone else is attempting to make by guessing my password. I believe it is related to the recent Fortnite hacking attempts I’ve read about. I have attempted to send emails to Epic using both email addresses included in the warning email ([EMAIL=“help@epicgames.com”]help@epicgames.com and accounts@unrealengine.com) both of which send responses saying they are unmonitored??? Then why have them? Next, I submitted an email through the Fortnite support page 2 weeks ago and haven’t heard a thing. For the record, I’ve never even installed Fortnite.

This worries me. One, every few days, I get locked out of my Epic games account for 120 minutes and, as a full time dev, this is unacceptable. Secondly, why is this person just allowed to keep retrying to crack my password? Can’t you block the IP’s after multiple failed attempts? I’m surprised this is still happening after nearly 4 weeks and haven’t seen anything non-Fortnite related acknowledging this.

Can you guys acknowledge the issue and tell me what you’re doing about it?

You can activate the Two-Factor authentication in your user profile. An e-mail is sent with a code for you to be able to log-in. It will also prevent further attempts, since for the intruder will be clear that we will not be able to crack it.

For your safety, make sure your computer are free of viruses and you are using a strong password at your e-mail account, otherwise if your e-mail is invaded, you are dommed.

Thanks, NilsonLima. I didn’t realize two-factor authentication was an option. I think that’s a good enough solution to forget about this and get back to work!

My Epic games account is locked I am typing Epic games but they are not unlocking my account I hope they will