"your device is not compatible with this version"

Hi Friends;

I have a BIG PROBLEM !!!

First time i made my mobile game with UE 4.22.3 , and i upload it to google play.

BUT !!! after upload finish , i could see my game when i searched on my PC i can see my game, but there is a warning “your device is not compatible with this version”

After i try to search my friend phone and same problem “your device is not compatible with this version”

so you can see when you search on pc, but search one phone even can’t see it.

My game proporties ;

Minimum Sdk: 21

Maximum Sdk : 28

Only APK file, no OBB

(85 MB size)

Support 64 bit [aka arm 64 -v8a]

Support Els2

Support Els3.1

Support Vulkan

I think this specifications is enough for all devices, but dont work

Have you ever encountered such a problem?

And how can i solve it ?


I have the same problem as you. Older versions of my game worked fine, new versions are incompatible with every device I have ever tried, despite them being listed as compatible on Google’s device list.
My customers are ■■■■■■.

hey you find solution?

Hey you find Solution?

Unfortunately, i couldn’t find solution.

Now i’ve started to learn construc 3 to makin game for mobile.

I think there is no solution in Unreal, i m so sorry :frowning:

if you want to small scale game for mobile, unreal is only wasting time and disappointment…

I’m not 100% sure what fixed it for me, I had messed with a couple things:

First of all I disabled Google Play services support.

And then I switched my settings to:

Vulkan, ES3.1, ARM64 and I enable “Detect Vulkan device support”
With ETC2, ATC and ASTC textures

I’m not sure which of the above fixed it, im still investigating but its working for me now. All my new versions work. Also ensure you are uploading using the newest API (currently api 28)

I tried all your setting but still same issue.when i set api 21 and test it work on every device.but google play store require api level 28.after setting api 28 it works on only limited devices.like samsung heavy devices.not on normal devices.what should i do.please help. i work for 4 month this is last step.please…

construct is what type of software.this issue solve in construct 3?

1 more thing plugins option removed from “edit” by mistake.
Actually I tried to disable some plugins for lowering the size of apk.
When i publish the game ads are showing after updating the ads are not showing.
I think this is because of plugins.or other reason?thanks in advance.

Have you any contact number or Instagram account.you can mail me your contact on zabimalik243@gmail.com

Enable ETC1 textures also. This will allow it to work for any android device, but you will lose the graphical features that ETC2 supports. That is correct that api 28 is now required by google.

I don’t know exactly, but yes removing a plugin could probably prevent ads from showing. Perhaps you removed some google plugin?

OpenGL textures


Other APK details

API levels

Target SDK

Screen layouts
small, normal, large, xlarge

Native platforms

OpenGL ES versions
android.hardware.faketouch, android.hardware.screen.landscape, android.hardware.wifi

Required permissions
13 total (13 differentiating + 0 common)

81 total (81 differentiating + 0 common)

Supported Android devices 820 devices

only 820 devices supported.
i cant solve this issue i am ■■■■■■.

Yep 820 devices sounds correct for those settings. I have the same for my app.
Like I said, if you want to support all android devices, you need to make a build using ETC1 textures, and make sure you have ETC1 enabled when you are packaging the game .

(File->Package Project->Android->Multi)

The setting I sent to you is ETC1 texture build.ETC 1 also support 820.multi also support 820.only arm7 support 1066.PUBG develop with UE4 and it is 2GB game.PUBG support almost all devices.how.

Your texture settings should look like this in your Project Settings->Android :

When you package, ETC1 should be listed as a texture format in Multi.
If you have that enabled, you should be good, all devices support ETC1. If there are devices out there which don’t support that, it probably means they are older than API 28 and are running an Android version that is too old

thanks.for all help i now 12646 devices is supporting now.820 to 12646 is supporting.set minimum sdk to 16 & target sdk to 29.build with texture etc1 and arm7 supported…