Your claims of Android compatibility seems like false advertising.

I am an Indie developer for iOS. I just got started with Unreal Engine because you claim to support iOS and Android. Your editor, engine, and tutorials are first-rate. This is certainly the best engine out today. The problem I have is your claim to support Android development. As it stands today, this is wrong.

I tried getting TappyChicken to work on Three devices now (I went out and bought a GalaxyTab today.) It doesn’t work on any of them. I understand when you released TappyChicken, you were using updates not yet available as of the current version - 4.2.1. I also understand you will have more support for Android in version 4.3, but currently your support for android is almost non-existent, so I wouldn’t claim Android compatibility yet. I know you guys are excited, but you are turning off a lot of your customers who are coming from Unity, where Android support is excellent.

May I suggest you call Android support experimental until you get the kinks out. It doesn’t look good.

I suggest you elaborate a bit more OP, as “doesn’t work” is not enough info to actually tell how to fix the problem in any way.

In general, if something isn’t working, you’ll want to provide as much information as possible on the specific nature of the problem, rather than just saying “doesn’t work” which will make it impossible for anyone to help you.

I think there are better ways of phrasing your statement without automatically taking the offensive.

they have a list of supported android devices here:, and when signing up for UE4 they specifically state:

Well I posted this in the Android forum, where what you are asking would be more obvious. Here is just one: and there are plenty of others.

LOL! They tested on 3 devices… 3 devices? Here is just one thread that seems to explain what I am talking about:

Ah right, I wasn’t aware you had other threads (I don’t check the Android or iOS forums much) with more specific information.

I don’t have other threads. The thread I mentioned was someone else.

Oh BTW, you were a great help. LOL.

Honestly dude, I don’t know how inclined people will be to help you if you’re going to behave like that. I get that you’re frustrated, but this isn’t really helping anything.

Just sayin’.

No offense dude, but when you make Captain Obvious posts like your first one on this thread, I have almost no expectations you would ever be able to help. I was looking for help from Epic.

This thread was opened in Android section but i moved it here, since it sounds like the OP is giving feedback.

By the way, Epic already admitted many times that not every Android device is supported, but they are working on it.

If it’s so captain obvious, maybe you should have linked to the threads that actually explain your problem in detail in the first place. :rolleyes:

Again though, I don’t see anyone jumping out to help if you keep up that attitude. No offense.

Thanks for your help. I am sorry, but I never saw anything when signing-up that Android support was spotty. Can you show me where this is mentioned in the sales part of the site? Also I haven’t got one android device to work, even one I bought today. Does it let you make 3D games for mobiles or only 2D games like TappyChicken?

You are so funny. I did post in the Android section. They moved this thread here. LOL!

It says android support is currently limited on the signup page.

Thanks Havoc. You got me there! I didn’t see that. Still, so far I got nothing to work on anything, and I think my device (Samsung Tab) is on the compatibility list. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

In that case post your issue at AnswerHub giving as many information as you can please. Also double check if your device is supported or not from the link Havoc posted earlier.

Hi ST64. I have had no problems deploying a number of projects to my Samsung Galaxy S5 (Which has the Adreno 330, which is in the supported list). So if you would like to send me a PM outlining the steps you took to deploying your application to the Samsung Tab, I will try my best to help you out.

Hi ST64,

I’m sorry you’re having the issues and I can definitely understand the frustration. We do take things like this seriously and are always trying to improve our compatibility with as many devices as possible.

Can you post a list of the devices you’ve tried and include the following:

The model number of the device
The OS version from the phone details page in settings

I’ll check with our Compatibility team and see if they’ve tested on these devices and what the verdict is. While we do not have every Android has released we do have an good amount that is tested all the time.

We’ll see what can do to help you out. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Tim.

nextbook, model NEXT7P12-8G, 4.0.4
Samsung Galaxy tab, SM-T230NU, 4.4.2
HTC phone, ADR6400L, 2.3.4

Hope this helps.