Young developer

Hello im 17yrs old and new to unreal 4 and having issues learning c++ anytime i see tutorials or books on c++ it looks diffrent like their making applications and such but not games for unreal 4 can someone tell me the best way to learn c++ for game development in Ue4 I dont mind if it takes long

Best thing to learn programming:

  • Read tutorials/some books
  • Do some programming

Keep doing the above 2 things and all wil be fine.

And if tutorials are not in the context of games: its not the context, its the programming that matters. A for-loop is a for-loop, in a business application and in a game. Learn the concept of basic programming things, like for-loops, if-statements, classes, inheritance and all the other things. Doesnt matter if its not in a game context, remember that!

OH ok so I can just learn c++ and it will translate over thank you

And after you understood how programming works, you can start with the UE4 programming tutorials -> e.g 3rd Person Power-Up Game with C++ (pre v4.9) - YouTube :slight_smile: