Youkai's Dance - Game project (PAID)

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We are a doujin circle named Momoirobara that creates Touhou-based products.

About Us
Our production mainly is around Touhou video games but we also create discography/manga/artbooks/coloring books/clothing/etc.


Question: Where do we share our work? | Answer: We share work via Discord

Question: How many members do we currently have? | Answer: We have 10 members in total.

Question: Do you need to know or have any interest in Touhou to join? | Answer: No

In development. Here’s a prototype design of it.


** Youkai’s Dance | Youkai no Odori | 妖怪の踊り**

Project Description

**Main Protagonist - Kaguya a Lunarian who was exiled from the moon due to illegally creating the Hourai Elixir with Eirin Yagokoro, they ended up living on Earth and what would eventually be Gensokyo. She is currently the princess of Eientei. **

Point of Story- A world where hope has been lost but their is a light within the shadows. Kaguya and her team being that light fight against the final enemy (original non-canon twins I’m designing).

**Summary of Story - **Gensokyo the land of Youkai a place filled with a variety of Youkai has been turned into a wasteland where nothing remains except corpses mere empty vessels. Kaguya sees the hopelessness and destruction within Gensokyo and finds a kyuuketsuki (vampire) who apparently has no memories or recollection of where or who she is. Kaguya takes the vampire to Eientei and calls her Shinku because of her deep red crimson eyes. - Still being developed

Main Quest Objectives - N.A

Project Plan

Genre - RPG, Action, Fighting, Psychological, Mystery, Fantasy, and Ecchi

R18+ contains graphic gore

System: Windows/PS4/IOS/APK

Amount of Characters: 24 including DLC

Amount of Costumes: 120 including DLC and 17+ Costumes

Amount of Dungeons: 100-200

Number of Chapters: 45

Number of Events: 50

Number of Side Events: 26

Number of Quests/Side Quests: 200


  • Story Mode :arrow_right: Tells the story of Gensokyo in a side-scrolling world

  • Versus Mode (Offline and Online) :arrow_right: Battle as if you were in a fighting game

  • Choosing different choices during dialogue/conversational scenes ultimately lead to newly discovered endings

My List (Items/orders i need for game)


  • IMac 27inch :ballot_box_with_check:
  • Creative Mark Art Quest Desk - $516.99 ☐
  • LG 32UL950-W - 32" IPS LED Monitor - 4K UltraHD - $1,096.99 ☐


  • Pre-order ( Physical Box)

  • Artbooks, Posters, and Bookmarks (Quantity in total: 300)

** $4,842.25 ☐**

  • Ultimate Edition (Physical Box)

  • **N/A **



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Style of Art

Pixel Art



Gameplay/UI Style

**Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir


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