YOU WIN blueprint

Hi there, I made a simple game for android:
It starts from a simple Menu (in a new level) that gives an option to start game or quit. On the scene 15 obcjects are set. 12 are good and 3 are bad. When player picks up bad object he loses and a screen with GAME OVER appers, that give an option to try again or quit. Thats all so far but I want to make this game possible to be won. I want to show the screen YOU WON just after the player has picked up the 12th good object but I have no idea how to script in blueprint.
Any ideas? (I will be more than happy to see some screenshot becuause I am a newbie :wink: )
Thanks so much for all replies!

I Think this is what you mean.

Left is a local variable that is default at false.

Thank you very much, I will check it soon and tell if it does work :wink:

I did not use it, because my script of picking up was a little bit different, but after 4hours of pain and suffering I created my own idea, and… it works!
Anyway, thank you for reply :wink:

I love it when people bring up a topic and then fail to share results, after being helped by being shown a way to do it. Nice community participation. :frowning:

Okey, so here are my results:
I have made a variable that was an amount of picked up items.
I have made a function that add 1 to the first variable that was used every time character was running trough the item, picking it up.
There is how in by variable was written a number of picked items.
Then I decided that player has to collect 5 items to win.
I set this in my Character Blueprint. It works basiclly in that way:
If my first variable equals 5 set the boolen variable WIN true (obiously the default setup for it was false).
Than if WIN is true, disable input,wait a few seconds, play a victory sound, wait few seconds more and than open a new level with a text YOU WIN and two buttons: play again, go to menu.

I am not sure if I used a proper language, I am a beginner, but that was my solution.
I thank for all replies :wink: