You want to take part in this

Hi guys, we are a bunch of people going to create a pet game for Android and iOS. Why a pet game? Because it performs well and is not the most difficult to create.

For this particular project we need these skills:


  • You should have experience with creating UI with UMG (images will be supplied).
  • If you ever have successfully created a multiplayer thing, it’s a plus.
  • If you can work with Animation Blueprints, it’s a plus. Don’t worry if not.
  • If you can work with Cascade, it’s a plus. Don’t worry if not.
  • If you can alter or create UE plugins… Message me. I mean now. Do it.
  • There’s a couple of experienced blueprinters in the team who take care of other stuff in this project, so don’t worry if you struggle, but you shouldn’t be completely new to blueprinting.
  • You should have one of either iOS or Android devices. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Mac.
  • It would be great if you had a VR headset for testing or if you could get at least Cardboard.

What can we offer? Experience working in a team, experience gained from each other, a reference (from a project that is likely to be successfully published), etc. etc., you know it. Post-launch financial compensation for your time as well, if you care to log your time in our system.

Marketing (we’ve got a massive mailing list + a lot of experience in publishing mobile apps)
Character art & animations (Guy1)
SFX & music (Guy2)
UI/HUD design (Guy3)
UX design (Guy3)
Level design (Guy4)
Level assets (we’ll just buy that)
Web and API (Guy5, Guy6)
VFX (Guy3 or you, if you can handle Cascade)
iOS & Android testing (Guy3)

We also have a very own cool Git server, file storage, ticket tracking software, self-made automatic build & deploy script that runs after push to a specific Git branch and a couple of virtual servers for websites and UE server.

We are not complete noobs. Please message me privately with your questions if you are interested. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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