You want to contribute to Unreal Engine? Here’s how!

When we first made Unreal Engine’s source code available on GitHub, the hope was to empower the community to help us make Unreal the best it can be for everyone. As the code base grew, the developer community grew with it, and with every engine release, more and more bug fixes and editor enhancements are implemented due to the contributions of the community. We cannot thank you all enough for the improvements and support you’ve provided!

For those who have contributed to our releases, we make it a top priority to acknowledge their contributions by adding their GitHub username to the Unreal Engine Release Notes.

Over the years, the community has grown, and with more of you asking us how you can contribute to Unreal Engine on GitHub, we encourage you to check out these resources to get started:

We especially encourage and appreciate any help with Writing Code Snippets for the Unreal Engine API Reference.

Thanks for helping us make Unreal Engine the best it can be—happy developing!