You still dont have Networking documentation.

Lets look at current Networking documentation, what do we see?
we see Replication, Relevancy, Roles…

But what we actually need to know?

We actually need to know, how to Start Server, how to Login to Server, where i need to enter my login name and password, or just login name, where is it? This is most important part of every networking - Connecting + Login and Hosting.

I need to know how to create Client, how to create dedicated server, where i need to configure my login name and password for client etc, where i can handle incoming logins and passwords on server, and also where i can hanlde incoming IPs for case if i want to ban by IP someone.

So, i know about Replication, i know about Relevancy, but i dont know how to create UE4 networking application at all.

Player statistics / player log-ins aren’t really covered by networking, that’s more of a specialist thing.

There’s loads of documentation and entries on the Wiki for creating multi-player games, and there are several examples in the Learn tab for creating Server browsers and general multiplayer gameplay, if that’s what you mean.

I’d actually like to see some expanded documentation about the networking too. More specifically, I want to see a sequence diagram and flowcharts for how the whole networked game setup is meant to look.

Sequence diagrams should cover server and client setup, connection, update, teardown etc.

Flow charts and maybe other diagrams for which classes manage which functionality. Who owns what data etc.

Its probably easy enough to dig through the code for this, but honestly it’d take maybe a few hours for an experienced Epic programmer do do some diagrams and will save many hundreds of hours of people digging through code. So I’m in favour of Epic guys hours rather than all the rest of us.

OR a kind hearted community person could do the same.

Thats not specialist thing, that a common thing for all networking games, because Client MUST connect to somewhere, i dont see any documentation from UE4 about connecting to anywhere, i see only replication/relevancy/role.

Server/Host handling incoming connections is also common thing for every networking game.

UE4 Wiki also doesnt have any documentation about this.

We recently did a Support Stream regarding Multiplayer here that may be of interest to you as well:

I’ve entered a feature request for better documentation on Networking addressing your specific concerns (UEDOC-1434). Thanks for your suggestion for improving the current documentation.