You should beable to copy the triggers to save time but this engine won't allow me to do it

Maybe I should just Duplicate the trigger blueprint instead of trying to copying nodes it over from the blueprint because copying nodes over from the blueprint graph to another blueprint graph it don’t work. Because in my mind I think like windows users do that you can just select all your nodes of your trigger with the mouse and just copy them over, but this engine don’t always work that way as windows does… So when I did copy the trigger code over that way with the mouse, the nodes was all intact but the copy had stopped the index row data table from functioning
(in the copy). And I couldn’t get it working again. So the copy killed the index and stopped it
from updating and refreshing because it was displaying the same index row all the time
and even though I had changed the row values, it was not responding or updating to
the new values and stayed stuck reading the same old values of the original.

I found that copying the nodes out from the trigger object blueprint corrupts the
trigger object in the game. When the trigger object becomes corrupted it no longer functions properly and no longer triggers the text. So the trigger BP has to be duplicated and
renamed to avoid corruption…

Why are you trying to copy the nodes to another BP?
If it is for a different kind of trigger: I suggest making a base class that implements this so that you can create specialized versions.


No, the trigger was just a normal Event On Overlap Collision Trigger copying the code to another Event On Overlap Collision trigger. I didn’t copy the overlap nodes, I only copied all the other
code. The reason why I tried to copy the other trigger node code to another Trigger BP was o try to save myself time in constructing the code all up from scratch. Because I’m a windows user so I’m used to the old drag with the mouse around to highlight and then CTRL C to Copy and paste method instead of just duplicating the bp object and renaming it to create a new trigger with the same code. I am not used to duplicating things in order to make a fresh new copy since this is how this engine seems to work, I’m used instead to dragging things all around with the mouse and highlighting stuff and using the quick copy and paste shortcut keys to make a copy. But this engine dosen’t really like the windows way of copying stuff… As I found out it corrupted the trigger bp object in my map now I know what causes the trigger objects to behave irratic or not respond… The way I restored it was to delete the corrupt bp trigger from the map because it was no longer responding when stepping into it and insert the same trigger bp back in the map again and then it refreshed, and it started working again.

So I had to force the refresh by deleting and then reinserting it back in in order to get
the trigger code to update and respond again.

So this engine is capable of causing data corruption with the windows copy and paste methods. Gotta be careful in future.

It’s not really data corruption, when you copy paste the nodes you’re not copying the variables you need for your nodes. But anyway what you’re doing doesn’t make much sense. Why are you copying just the blueprint nodes? And where are you pasting them? Instead if you copy paste the blueprint in the level itself it will work.

If you need to refresh the nodes for some reason you can do it in the menu to the top left.

I pasted them in the trigger blueprint of the other trigger. But the trigger had a for loop in it, trying to copy a for loop with an array index might have caused the Random Index range node to stop functioning. So refresh nodes probably will do it if it happens again.