You need to update your documents ! ( Render 3D imposter sprites )

This page :
Explains how to do so, how ever, this is not really working, rendertextures command is not existing anymore .

I’v finally got it to work with the help of this page :

How ever, i had to find out by myself that in 4.5 i have to use the highresshot command,
which need at least one parameter or otherwise it does nothing :

The workflow of doing it feels like this feature is in it’s beta stages.
Like why couldn’t be a tool that does all of this for you? this is the same process over and over again.
Uppder camera render what beneath it with that buffer option had to be checked ( which cannot be saved so i had to leave the window open in order for it to work ( what?.. )) . and that it. why i need to set a scene and put anything in place? can’t it be done behind the scene when ever i press " Generate" or something ? so i can do it easily while working on my project ? this is a hella broken UX if you ask me.

Btw best engine in the world, just hoping to make it better :slight_smile:

ke * rendertextures is the command since 4.4 i think. So yeah, it needs to be updated in the documentation.

Thanks for the catch - we’ll get that updated in a future version of the docs!

Updated the High Resolution screenshot document yesterday

Hey Sahkan,

I actually just finished updating the High Resolution screenshot document yesterday. The page now has a ton of new information covering all of the following topics.

  • Documentation on where the default save location for all screenshots taken has been added.
  • Documentation on the various command line arguments you can use to High Resolution Screenshots.
  • Documentation on how the High Resolution Screenshot Tool or HRSST for short works.
  • Documentation on the different Buffer Visualizations you can export from the engine.
  • Documentation on the Open EXR Image format and how you can enable and use it.
  • Documentation on how to setup and use the Custom Depth Mask option.

Please let me know if there is something else that you feel needs an explanation or a better explanation than what is already there. Also please let me know if you find something that does not work correctly and I will do my best to make sure that it gets fixed. Finally sorry about the lackluster documentation in some areas, however we are very quickly fixing things so if you do not see something or see something that could possibly be better please let use know and we will get to it as soon as we can. Thanks for the very valuable feedback we really do appreciate it :).


Sam Deiter

No problem ! Glad to help :slight_smile:
Sam Deiter This is awesome ! Where can i find those documentations ? i don’t seem to find them with a normal search .

The updates to the document have not gone live yet and I am not sure when we are publishing the documentation next. Should be sometime soon as we are always making changes so it get’s updated quite often. In the mean time do you have any specific questions about screenshots?

The updated page isn’t online yet. It will be published and uploaded early next week. We generally do updates on Wednesdays.

Thanks that is good to know, I don’t have have questions at the moment, But if i will i will put them here :slight_smile:

thx for this, Jeff & all the others working with docs, I know it must be an overwhelming pain, but so many depend on the documentation & tutorials, even after working with editor for a while you still fall back on it for reference or when you get stuck.

I was just trying to get a screenshot done the other day by using the command line -> HighResShot & still not sure if it worked or how, much less never found where to look for it anymore, there was like 3 different answers when I google’d it.

The information for working with Unreal is getting so huge, and seems to be so spread out everywhere. Lots of info is out of date or just doesn’t work anymore (talking about web as much or more than UE docs). No one documents the engine version or dates their videos or information.

But keep up the good work, we’re depending on ya. lol :wink:

Just an FYI the document is now live and can be found here.

Let us know if you have any more questions.

Is there any working Demo of Impostors for 3D objects in Marketplace/Learn?
The Landscape Mountain has pine trees but aren’t those billboards?