You know how to change a TC official servers?

The TC not have access to official servers, so I’d open one and do it “official” in my TC

The list of official servers in a Total Conversion Mod, is always empty. I wonder what keeps ARK file the list of official servers, to modify my Mod and add my server like as official.

You know how to change official servers in my mod of Total Conversion for add my server as official (inside de TC)?

what ? i have no idea what you are talking about, please try to explain it in other words

I’ve found the file you were looking for, unfortunately not in “Content”, but “Binaries” …
ShooterGame \ Binaries \ Win64 \ OfficialServers.ini
It’s what I was looking for, I do not understand because developers have cast well.
In the official servers no mods created by the community.
So I’d like to create servers that are official, only to my Mod TC.
When people run my Mod-TC see my servers in official and unofficial others.
But now we can not do, and that TC can not edit this file, and this file is not editable for moders of TC…

I don’t think you understand what “official” means…

I’m fairly certain that this is something we will never have access to in the ADK itself. Official servers are servers for the official game, not for unofficial modded servers. I could be mistaken though, although I highly doubt it.

As Mustang mentioned; I think you are misunderstanding what Official means in this situation.

Well, just as the “main” mode has its official servers.It would be nice if the “Total Conversion” have the opportunity to have their own official servers. As ARK will not provide, I would like to edit the list of servers in my mod to add my own modified servers (TC) to that list. They would not like to do the same if you have a Total Conversion?
I hope that the developers have in mind for future updates …

When modders can edit binary files “OfficialServers.ini”, “News.ini” and “OfficialServersStatus.ini” to add official servers, and add the news with total conversion mods?
Total Conversion thought it was, but I see it is an “almost total conversion”

Only devs can designate official servers.

We make unofficial servers.

The end.