You interested to start a Jak & Daxter style game?


I am looking at what interest the community can come up with for a game oriented at Jak & Daxter / Ratchet & Clank. Why this theme? As a first, those are widely popular game series that have sold dozens of copies. Secondly, it is relatively easy and quick to produce compared to game titltes developed nowdays: comparing this project theme to the other royalty ones offered here, mostly consisting of surivals (done so often), MMO (too big a project), RPGs (kind of both problems combined), this should become clear.

The goal is to find a few interested individuals and together come up with a rough road map to complete: how will the game play in specifics? how will it be differentiate from Jak & Daxter (no clones!)? in what setting is the game? what is the background of the world? We should get a working prototype with all game game features but a minimal set of art-work going. After this phase we can reasonably put this project up on crowd funding sites, the Unreal Dev grants, etc. through which more art-work should be financed. There is a little budget provided by already but it won’t be enough to cover all expenses. The longest stage of development will the creation of the story-line and the configuration of the missions.

The concept is simple: The character can walk, double-jump, perform melee attacks, and has a small range of weapons gained through the story line. The game consists of missions that must be completed in some more or less liberal fashions in which typically consist of killing enemies, retrieving objects, defending points / persons of interest, etc. in a linear storytelling fashion.

I am handling the programming aspect of the game. I have made a list of features required and it is a job for one programmer to handle. On the art-side, ideally two character artists will be required to design the hero character and about two types of enemy characters. One animator for said character will be required. Two to three 3D modellers for weapons and special types of props / vehicles / structures will also be required initially. At this stage, it is important to find a few interested individuals, sit down together, discuss our goals we wish to set out in the game, and then we’ll do it.

If you are interested, do leave a post here stating your profession, so others interested will see who else is interested. I will contact you via PM.