You Interested In... (Videos & Talks)

So its coming up to my final year of university, the quest is nearly at end. Next year is portfolio focused work and i have an interest in doing streaming and youtube as a hobby (but due to terrible upload speeds i cant stream).

I’ve done game jams, worked on a functional somewhat decent mobile game and i want to try my hands at a PC game, a small tower defence, but i also want to upload it in development videos similar to that of yandere dev, only as a portfolio piece not for commercial use.

My question to you is, do you tend to watch game design videos of developers making games, talking about game design or even vlogs of any kind unrelated to games? (There are a ton of makeup ones on youtube, barely any game design ones)

What do you like about these kinds of content, what keeps them entertaining and fresh, optimal video length, more in a tutorial style or just a brief overview of the current development stage?

I often hear people complain that unreal engine is hard to use, unity is better etc and all the rest, perhaps these videos could give people an insight into how you could develop in unreal engine and that its not all a doom and gloom mountain to climb?

Drop your thoughts in, hopefully this is in the right section. By the time i graduate, i want to have a number of completed projects and industry standard work under my belt so i can walk on into the interview, slap my portfolio onto the desk and know that i stand a fighting chance in a competitive industry and perhaps provide some decent content for the you tube game design community which seems to be lacking in content other than outright tutorials!