You can Request Tutorial! initiative is running from 6 months now. I have created lot of tutorials - 38 about shooter and couple not connected to the game.

Now I would like to focus also on topics in which you guys have difficulties. You can request tutorial on my blog. It will be added to the list and I will be doing one of them each week.

Just to let you know: I’m doing this stuff for free and in free time.


Hit location and response for melee weapons? I saw your hit response tutorial for projectiles but with melee it is different since it involves overlapping collisions.

Dude you’re doing an awesome job!

Dude, congratulations, great job!

lot of melee request Unit23 - will do it.

I love what you are doing! You are awesome! I will definitely use this resource!

Ok, I cant get the submit button to work, so here is my request

Hi! I love this concept!
I am trying to have a comlink system similar to the unit portraits in starcraft ( I am planning to create a skeletal mesh (for face animations) and Use render to texture camera to portray the skeletal mesh to the hud like they did. I would like to have a socket on each mesh that the camera will be attached to, and will switch from mesh to mesh as each character animates says his line. I would also like the comlink box to be able to slide on and off the hud.
If you need me to clarify, my email is, and i am Kelt’ar on the unreal engine forums.

Multiplayer vs mode?

there are a lot of tutorials about melee & combat system such as this:
any tutorial about tower defense would be appreciated.

Replication / Multiplayer

I’ve used a lot of your tutorials to set up a game but I’m having a lot of difficulty trying to make it a multiplayer game. It has taken me a few days just to show when another player equips a weapon and I’m still working on firing and damaging another player. Any help would be appreciated.

As I’ve seen it on your Web page you’re going to make a spaceship for your game, but I didn’t see a tutorial for that part. Did you implemented it already? I would like to see tutorial how to switch between TPS and Flying game modes (i.e. when player gets into ship & fly).

I’ve been on the site.
It has some good stuff on it.