yosemite map/level

Hi all,

Thanks to the devs for the awesome game and modding tools!

I’ve posted a beginning WIP(Work-In-Progress) for a Yosemite Park map/level(will add screenshots found in the links below, forum is giving a database error on upload currently). Mostly just trying to getting more familiar with using Unreal Landscape tools and tutorials along with World Machine and some real-world terrain. I’ll be updating this with better textures(ran into an issue similar to this https://forums.unrealengine.com/archive/index.php/t-30820.html , thinking I should be able to fix) , rivers, waterfalls and hopefully some AI or gameplay mods.

One basic issue I’m running into in working with a large canyon setting at close to real-world scale is zooming in the editor can still be slow even with bumping the editor mouse speed from 1 to max 8. Also in-game I’m thinking I’d like to be able to have a flying mount immediately available and play around with the max speed setting for flying around the map faster.

Look forward to a future day when I can use hololens-visor/augmented-reality to overlay games-in-progress using real-world geometry with real-world view.

Anyway, look forward to the continued game support, mods and thanks to folks sharing and posting info on some of the trickier bits.




update1 - WIP - Yosemite Park


I’ve been able to create an initial downloadable version of the Yosemite map I’ve been working on this past week with the below notes. Thanks to others on the forum for their help and suggestions so far.

Unfortunately I’m still stuck on this same below type issue from earlier in regards to creating a new landscape and applying a material(set of textures applied based heightmap layer info). Also having some harsh lighting issues which I’m not sure if related to the landscape material or possibly missing components from ‘TheIsland’ example(day/night/weather, light-probe references, etc?). I would like to discuss if anyone else has tried creating their own new landscape/material and if the resulting cook/upload resulted in landscape/material/lighting issues. Might need to wait for more tutorial small-level examples with provided download template files where needed to avoid missing parts needed by the game - where things work in the editor but fail in the cook/upload game.


  • note the mod textures for the cliff and valley edges are placeholders and not the screenshots that I’m able to get in the editor(beach textures the game loads by default) until I work out problems with getting my landscape materials(textures) to render correctly - the lighting is off as well which is another issue I’m working to address.

  • there are the 8 basic crafting resources on the map for plants, trees, stone, metal, obsidian, oil, crystal and silica

  • only the small part of the map valley between half dome and yosemite falls has been populated(near the current 4 player spawns), I’ll fill out the rest of the map based on how this test section plays and feedback I get.

  • there are pteranodons on the map, but I haven’t had a chance yet to give starting players a pteranodon saddle, tranq bow/arrows and easy tame. I’d also like to up the pteranodon flight speed by maybe x4(will have to try on this map to see how it plays).

  • need to add water elements(rivers, waterfalls)

  • need to get the day/night/weather cycle going

  • need to improve map resolution

  • need to add/change tree types

Feel free to give feedback and suggested improvements.