Yorda - Fanfiction V2.5 Animation System / Locomotion

Hi i’m a Character Animator working on UE4, and these are the two last videos of a work in progress i’m currently busybee on.
The goal is to learn animation integration with blueprints, and experiment with all of the animation systems i can learn about.
I chose Yorda as the character 'cause i’m a huge Fumito Ueda’s Work fanboy.

V1 was a simple but yet still effective locomotion system like the one from Epic Games Wes Bunn’s excellent tutorial series.

V2 is a replication of the ue marketplace project “Dynamic Locomotion + Blueprint” by Hammerhead, just a bit more complex with for example interactions
with environmental objects like sitting on a couch (i dared try to reproduce the Yorda’s saving animation from ICO).

And here is V2.5, where i’ve finished the final animation details and fixed a lot of the foot sliding. Next is V3 hopefully coming soon…

If you got any feedbacks, critics, ideas, it could be cool to read about it. Thanks for watching !