Yoda [new skin shader]

Hey folks!

Here’s a quick test I did with the upcoming skin shader. I’m really pleased with the integration and I can’t wait for backscattering to be integrated :] great job so far Epic!

Hmmm. Nice I am thinking this is.

The force is strong with this one.

I’m surprised at how good that new shading model looks. Colour me impressed, Epic.

Hehe, nicely done!

if you dont mind put the material up here as well plz, loads of guys including me struggling to get skin right :smiley:

Thanks folks!

@AzamKhan: The new skin shader material will [most likely] be in the next release 4.5. If wanna try it now, just get and compile the latest master branch release from github.

“Do or do not there is no try.” - Jedi Master Yoda

Awesome job The_Distiller! The skin shader on Yoda looks phenomenal or as Yoda would say, “Phenomenal, it looks”. Keep up the great work!

Has this shader been realesed yet? If yes can you share your setup? or better a project?


Wow,he looks really great! The subdermal color does feel slightly off though. He looks a bit bruised. I would play around with that color a bit.