Yet another playerstart thread

So I’ve been spending some time trying to get a better blueprint based player start.

I am currently running an experiment where I set an enum for 0-2 meaning 0 is null team. One is red, 2 is blue.

I placed red and blue in either sides of the small map and null in the middle.

On post login the controller is randomly assigned 0-2 for its player state team enum.

On begin play for Gamemode all the spawn points are made into 3 arrays based in collecting them all and adding to the array based on its own same team enum.

Choose player start is overridden to grab controllers player state and choose a random start from the array based on its team.

The reality like many others have found is the chose player start on joining the game still favors even a start of another team closer to 0,0,0.

I’m wondering exactly how the initial playerstart is defined, how can this be set.