Yet another noob question.

I know how to attach an arrow particle but what if i want to attach a snow particle or rain ?… in here it would kick *** and I made the particle long ago. :mad::rolleyes:

Attach to camera attach to PC attach to camera manager ? where ? And set base or attach or attach component.

Possible if particle is there in the level already ?

The camera location doesn’t update. I instead created my own actor for weather particles, then update it’s location every tick to follow the camera:

//-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
//Updates the location, so that the weather fx follow the owning pawn.
//-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
simulated function UpdateLocation()
    local vector cameraLoc;
    local rotator cameraRot;

    if (GetALocalPlayerController() != none) {
        GetALocalPlayerController().GetPlayerViewPoint(cameraLoc, cameraRot);


You can see my weather particle actor in action here: Subsistence - Sneak peek - Alpha 50 - YouTube

Ouch another dirty way, well but this one ain’t so bad, but wait did you make a class son/daughter of Emitter?

cool graphics btw makes me jelous hahaha

Ok i did another thing very similar on what you did

I placed the particle emitter on the level
On kismet with a node custom made i assigned it on player controller
If it exists it updates like this

Class player controller
Emitter SnowEmitter:


Camera.GetViewPoint(LOC ROT)


pseudo code

**Coldscooter did you try any of these in defaultproperties ** in your weather actor.
bAlwaysRelevant=true//needed to update clients anytime
NetUpdateFrequency=20//how many times the replicated vars get updated per second

@gamepainters I have no need to replicate this actor. It is only used to display visual particle effects for the local player.

It is given information from an actor that is replicated (which receives weather pattern information from the server), but it is only ever spawned on the local client side.

I would be very careful labeling your actors as bAlwaysRelevant without understanding what this is doing.

hey coldscooter I am playing your game I wonder are you ever adding a tutorial into it? that would be fire maan : D

@Neongho Glad you’re giving it a try. There is a basic tutorial (in-sorts) in the task list that shows top left while in your inventory. Beyond that, I think i prefer the player to discover their own survival strategies.

**Coldscooter we use that on our capture flags. I seen you were trying to update that actors location. So i just thought about what if you update the actor more frequently would it stay locked to the right location? **