Yet another launcher failing to connect

I am having an issue with the launcher not being able to connect.

I didnt have an issue for a few days and now the launcher continuously fails to connect. I followed numerous threads with no avail.

I am a bit disappointed that there seems to be so much trouble with the launcher considering that is the particular thing i am paying for…

Key parts of the log below

[2014.08.09-07.23.00:447][ 0]FCommunityPortalOSS::RequestLogin (email removed)
[2014.08.09-07.23.00:447][ 0]FCommunityPortalManager: Change State CPManagerState_UserLogin->CPManagerState_UserLoggingIn
[2014.08.09-07.23.21:739][ 0]LogOnline:Warning: MCP: Login request failed. No response
[2014.08.09-07.23.21:739][ 0]FCommunityPortalOSS::OnLoginComplete - 0 FALSE No response
[2014.08.09-07.23.21:739][ 0]FCommunityPortalManager: Change State CPManagerState_UserLoggingIn->CPManagerState_LoginError
[2014.08.09-07.23.48:474][ 0]FCommunityPortalManager: Change State CPManagerState_LoginError->CPManagerState_UserLogin

I managed to connect yesterday after trying several times without changing any configuration.

I later restarted the launcher because it was not updating my new projects and now i am in the same position unable to connect…

latest log

Hi AntmanLFE,

Could you also post your dxdiag? Here is a link on how to find that info if you need it.

Hi AntmanLFE,

We haven’t heard back from you in a few days, so we are marking this post as Resolved for tracking purposes. If you’re still experiencing this issue, please feel free to post back here with additional information.

Thanks, TJ

Can you try this? At the end of the Target path, add: " -http=wininet" without the quotes, then apply and restart your Launcher.
Say thanks Max (A awesome staff member)