Yet another FPS blueprint tutorial

looks very promising :slight_smile:

Hi Rob
If I put two divides in, my volume goes up doubled. I took the one divide out and I think mine is working, just wont update until I shut down and restart. And thanks every little bit helps. Some of this stuff takes forever to figure out.

Hi Mountain, I think the apply process only saves changed sliders(volumes) causing the child to use the previous master setting as base for the calculations.
If you change the master slider and don’t change the child slider the child calculation is using the previous figures,
if you change both sliders and save it works, but if you then re open and move the master only, the child uses the last “changed master” setting from your previous save,
but if you re-open and change both sliders it works fine again.
Going down this path making the apply button save all setting regardless of “on-change” should fix it, but I can’t figure out how to do it :frowning:

This is a small thing and I don’t want to slow Arbopa down with the rest of the stuff, really appreciate what he is doing here :slight_smile:

Rob, it should be saving all of them when you hit Apply. Or am i misunderstanding what you are trying to do to fix this? Let me know… I’m up now. Just finished the section on the character selection and have it on the blog and wiki… it was a monster, no doubt there may be a better way… but it’s working. I personally think I am going to hard code some of the stuff in mine eventually just because there are so few ‘classes’ i will use it seems overkill to not…

Every now and then I actually look at the ‘Community’ stuff on the UE4 launcher… was shocked to see the start of this wiki tutorial on there… dunno if it’s automated stuff that gets on there or picked out…

Arbopa you know something , you are problely the best guy on earth, i’ve been banging my head for the last few years in UE4 on how to get teams to work and you do it in a weekend

i bow to you :slight_smile:

Thanks, but that’s just the picking of characters. Still need to take the ‘team’ data and attach it to the player and do all the stuff in the game mode to differentiate (is there friendly fire, etc)… so much more to do it’s overwhelming when I look at the big picture. Need to quick poking my head up and just focus on a chunk at a time. Speaking of which I was just getting distracted again by trying to learn Maya so eventually I can create my own assets, and maybe animations. So much stuff, so little time. Anyone got a line on what the next winning powerball numbers may be? LOL.

oh no not maya, did max/gmax in the past but never could get my head round maya (ple ut2004 version), then again it depend on what you can work with, blender is still a little quirky and i can only do basic stuff with that, i really need to do more and play less

need some holidays so that i can catch up with your tutorials :wink:

Anyone that’s working on this stuff so far… can you test your connecting stuff? I just copied over to my laptop, and while it finds the server through steam, it sits forever trying to connect…

ugh, it works, I just messed something up, but I need to spend some time reading/watching about networking and replication before I continue on.

Yeah, will have to do a whole part for updating for multiplayer and go through and see what I didn’t set right to start… like you don’t see some non stock animations in other players… figured that out after a lot of re-reading on the subject. there will be a lot of stuff like this:

Movement Replication section added.

Next figuring out character mesh replication because the one a client picks is not what you see them as in multiplayer.


I was having trouble with the jogging movement replication. The server would show the character running, all other clients would show the character running, but the actual owning client would still show the character walking animation but would be moving at the run speed. In order to fix this I had to add a client jog pressed and client jog released functions that would only run on the owning client. These functions set the max walk speed just like in the server functions, but they will do it for the owning client. I also added a Switch Has Authority on the server functions to make sure that only the server runs it properly.

I ended up doing something like that as well. I am having other issues with the right character spawning and such. Have gone back and read a lot about game flow and the classes and replication, so working on a plan to go back in and move some things around a bit…

In addition, from watching a different video I learned that if you can not get under something while standing, but can crouched… and you stand up while under it, you glitch into the object. Would be the same for prone. To fix this bit of BP performs a line trace to see if you would hit anything if you stand:

Would need to do the same check for when leaving prone, just the number (135) would change. Will add all this when I can.

Latest fixes up in Tutorial (and on Blog) today. For movement replication and the Team/Class selection stuff for multiplayer.

Haha, I can’t imagine having to load that wiki page on dial-up internet :smiley:

Hey arbopa, having a lot of fun following along. I hit an issue with Showing the main menu that I can’t figure out. I see my background, but not the menu. I don’t see my mouse cursor or anything, so I think somehow it’s not being called. See anything out of the ordinary here?

Does that still exist?

That part looks good. You will see later to change the Leave_Current_State in Start_Game to ‘Startup’, but that shouldn’t matter. But I just got up so my eyes may be missing something.

Hey, btw, thanks, your video got me to get my crouch stuff right, had not even considered the glitch of standing up into things. Curious, have you done the same thing with prone? I tried it, the problem seems to be that there is no built in ‘prone’ like there is ‘crouch’, so you can not actually get under things as the game thinks you are still too tall.