Yet errors


Does anyone know what is wrong with the forum here?

You’ve been a new user for 5 years? Huh. Have you considered contacting support / moderators? Ask why the trust level thingy does not apply to your account?

I was a new member for 2 years for some reason until I complained enough. The forums are way too restrictive. I get they don’t want bots, but you shouldn’t NOT want bots so much that normal people can’t do anything. You can’t put multiple photos in one post as a new member! It’s ridiculous and makes everything so hard. Just be vocal and pray for the best.

What - the ‘Regular’ forum perk doesn’t come with super-powers - really??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Had hoped the forums would be alive and well for UE5 / UE6 / UE7 / UE8 (and not just sucked into a black-hole of corporate indifference). Where’s the follow-up here for example? Powerless to help too even after 1000’s of posts across 3 Epic engines. What’s the point trying anymore! :roll_eyes:

@VictorLerp @Amanda.Schade @Hourences
Anyone at Epic-HQ bestowed with superpowers?

I wish. But I get to hang out in the Secret Lounge with the :cool: kids.

Who should I contact?

All we can do.


Hey @usa423 - I’ve updated your account so you shouldn’t hit that limit anymore. Let me know if that works for you. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Amanda.