Yesterday it looked a lot easier

Today I woke up and saw it. Yesterday during the blueskripting those wires was so much easier to understand.
What you guys face at the end of the day?

I see lots of areas you can tidy up around the middle.

^ This is part of mine.


Why’d you link that?

Thats was kinda a question, i saw a lot of math and math expression is easier for that, but now when i revisited your screen i see there a lot of math and even more variables actually used in it.

It’s all mathematical expressions that are used to define variables and functions and stuff, and how I am able to connect my blueprint nodes into something workable. Some examples are Tangent, Cosine, Square-Root, Sin, multiply, divide - you get what I mean.


What’s so confusing?

Use some reroute nodes, they’ll be useful to tidy these noodles :slight_smile:

Trying to be more neat :stuck_out_tongue:


But ****, it reminds me my first blueprints :smiley: