Yes...Another Sci-Fi Corridor

I’ve never actually done one of these though. I think everyone has to have done at least one right? Anyways, I managed to scoop up Substance Designer during the summer sale and decided to give it a test run with a new environment!

These are the main references I’m using. I have others but mostly for inspiration/mood.

“Yes…Another Sci-Fi Corridor” I’ll never get bored with sci-fi environments :slight_smile: Great work!

looks so awesome

Love it!

Great design, great color scheme :slight_smile:

The least I can say is that it look very promising :smiley:

Bring me more “Another Sci-Fi Corridor” PLZ !!! :slight_smile:

Immersive! Keep the good work.

Nice. (This post was too short hence these words here)

Hallo do you think you could do a tutorial?