YEBIS 2 Integration?

YEBIS 2 is a post-processing middleware renderer primarily used in television, movies and video games:

It has been recently integrated in Allegorithmic’s Susbtance Designer and Substance Painter applications, so I was wondering if Epic has considered its use for post-processing?

I’d ask for glare effect added into post process instead of a whole middleware, since glare seems to be the only thing UE4 is missing.

Ive played with Yebis2 (the guys also now have their own C game engine), it’s good but not needed with UE4. Post process is pretty simple, the biggest problem ive had coming from OpenGL is finding the right code area’s for G-Buffers. Becuase UE4 is not just DX or GL driven the main code for gbuffers for example is hard for me to find as it needs to just be a pass through system to the output system used. Point me in the right place for Gbuffer creation and ill get Glare sorted within a couple days (but then again my Opengl engine i was building before EPIC killed my idea’s by doing the good thing for a cheap price caled NexusGL had all this), Never been a big fan of HLSL.

Square-Enix’s nexGen engine uses this system for post-process.
Luminus engine if I recall it right. The optical fx is great.